Terri came to study belly dance about 14 years ago after a head injury left her unable to work or take care of her family. Her physical therapist suggested taking a dance class to help with dizziness and balance. When she walked into her first belly dance class, she knew she was home. Having grown up dancing ballet and jazz since Kindergarten, she was immediately drawn by the control and fascinated by the abandon of belly dance. She has studied Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Indian, Hula, and Polynesian dance ultimately landing firmly in American Tribal Style®.  She utilized her multi-faceted dance background to create an improvisational veil dialect for ATS® and shares that dialect via her DVD, ATS® with Props: Veil, Fan and Basket (with Dawn Ruckert and SuperBeth).

She is a FCBD® Sister Studio, the owner of Third Eye Tribal and Third Eye Tribal Consulting in MN and Business Consultant for FatChanceBellyDance®.  She is the co-creator (with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman) and producer of ATS® Homecoming, an annual international conference in San Francisco. She was also the Program Manager and Advertising Director for The ATS® Magazine published by FCBD®

She is also the Owner of The Belly Dance Business Academy where dancers can get the tools, training and support they need for their belly dance business.  With 20 instructors from around the world, this on-line training resource has over 500 students.  Classes are offered in business, management, marketing, teaching, ethics, communication, photography and much more.  Terri presents business workshops regularly at belly dance conferences and provides private consulting in addition to running the Belly Dance Business Academy.


Finally, she is the author of “I Belly Dance Because: The Transformative Power of Dance,” an anthology of stories from dancers about how belly dance has transformed their lives.



Dawn Ruckert, based out of the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, first saw tribal belly dance in 1993 at a performance by Christine Andrews, Maria Hamer, Olivia Kissel, and Jen Hamer (then members of Ghawazee, later known as Zafira Dance Company). It changed her life. These awe-inspiring performers, with their grace, strength, poise and creativity, became, and remain, one of her greatest influences. Dawn began studying with Zafira soon after and many years later continues to bring those same qualities to her dance instruction and performance.


During her early training, Dawn was introduced to the amazing work of Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, founder of American Tribal Style® (ATS) dance and owner of the world-world-renouned FatChanceBellyDance®. Seeing FCBD® perform, Dawn made the decision to focus on ATS® as her primary dance style and was certified in General Skills and Teacher Training earning her the prestigious FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio status. This certification ensures that you are receiving the highest quality instruction from a trained teacher.


American Tribal Style® dance creates a community between the dancers based on trust and mutual respect, hallmarks of Dawn’s teaching style. You will find a vibrant and fun community when you take classes with Dawn in her local studio, World in Motion. Dawn brings that community with her wherever she goes, making her a favorite of event producers and instructors.


In 2013, Dawn was honored to be used as the example of "Submitting, Reviewing and Revising your ATS® Movement Dialect" in Carolena's FCBD® Director's Cut blog for the unique steps (called movement dialects in the ATS® world) created by Dayanisma. Her innovative and original steps were shared with ATS® performers around the world as examples of how to create your own movements within the structure of ATS®.


She has also partnered with Terri of Third Eye Tribal and SuperBeth of Tamarind in 2014 to create the instructional DVD, "ATS® with Props.” As a part of the DVD tour, Dawn has visited and taught in communities across the country and is scheduled to teach in Germany in the coming year.


Dawn is widely recognized for her use of props in ATS® improvisation. As an invited instructor for the first ATS® Homecoming (international conference focusing on ATS® held annually in San Francisco) in 2015, she shared her basket techniques with ATS® dancers from all over the world. Although best known for teaching her creative and masterful use of baskets, she also loves to incorporate skirts, pots, swords, veils and fans into improvisation. You will find props to be a fun part of your dance experience as a local student or a participant in one of Dawn’s workshops around the country.


In addition to ATS® and tribal belly dance, Dawn has studied the Indian dance style, Kathak, and incorporates elements of this, Bharatanatyam, and dances of Rajasthan into her dance repertoire. She continues to study and draw inspiration from famous belly dance artists such as Jill Parker, Devyani, Kami Liddle, and Rachel Brice, among others.


Dawn freely shares her artistic vision in community as the creative director of Dayanisma, her professional ATS® Troupe and Sunanda Tribe, her student troupe from World In Motion dance studio.




Gabriella tanzt seit fast 30 Jahren orientalischen Tanz.

Ihr Tribal Style Dance Weg begann 1998, inspiriert durch


Fat Chance Bellydance ®.

Sie gründete ein Jahr später mit Nea`s Tribal einen der ersten Tribalstämme Deutschlands, der bekannt ist für seinen eigenen, dynamischen Stil und der sowohl auf allen großen Events wie auch auf Mittelaltermärkten ein gern gesehener Gast ist.

Ihre innovative, 2006 gegründete Fusiongruppe „Fusionea“ hat einen sehr am ATS® orientierten Tribal Fusion Stil kreiert.


Gabriella genießt als eine der ersten deutschen Dozentinnen des Tribal Style Dance einen ausgezeichneten Ruf und gehört zu den Pionierinnen des Tribal Style Dance in Deutschland. Sie performt und unterrichtet national und international und repräsentierte ihren Neas Tribal Style als erste deutsche Tribaltänzerin schon 2005 beim Tribal Quest in Portland/USA ebenso wie 2010 beim größten amerikanischen Tribalfest in Sebastopol.


Gabriella lernte den Tribal Style Dance bei vielen namhaften Lehrerinnen dieses Styles und lässt sich für ihren eigenen Tribal Style gerne inspirieren.


Gabriella ist zertifizierte Lehrerin von FCBD ® und eingetragenes Sister Studio. Sie hat auch das Zertifikat des SGI Formats von Kajira Djoumahna, BlackSheepBellyDance absolviert.


Für Gabriella ist die Rückkehr zu den Anfängen des ATS ® wichtig und so vermittelt sie diese Technik sehr genau, ebenso wie die Unterschiede der bekannten amerikanischen Tribal Gruppen.

Seit 2003 hat sie immer wieder Dozentinnen von FCBD® zu Gast um direkt davon zu lernen. Sie gibt ihr Wissen gerne mit dem ihr eigenen Humor und voller Energie weiter.

Seit 2010 unterrichtet sie ihr eigenes Format „Neas Fundamentals „ in das all ihr Wissen um Tribal Style Dance einfließt und welches Tänzerinnen und Dozentinnen gleichermaßen eine solide Tanzbasis ermöglicht.

2015 ist aus NF eine eigene Gruppe entstanden, „Sharineas tribes „, in der überwiegend Leiterinnen eigener tribes aus ganz Deutschland tanzen. Ebenfalls 2015 hat Gabriella mit Nicole von Shir o Shakar und Fara la Sombra von Daphnees Clan ein Trio gegründet namens UNIQUA mit dem sie neue Wege geht.


I am a belly dance for nearly 30 years and teaching for 27 years now.

In 1999 I opened my studio and started Tribal Style Belly Dance.


I am the founder and director of Neas Tribal, one of the first tribes in Germany and the tribe which exist the longest.

Neas Tribal really loves to perform at renaissance festivals and also at big oriental events.


Including all my love and passion I created my very own style - Neas Fundamentals.


In 2006 I created my own Tribal Fusion troupe Fusionea. Their Fusion Style based on Neas Fundamentals, the own style from Neas Tribal which includes old school ATS® and new influences as well.

Since 2010 I am teaching this format as an intensive project around Europe to give more dancers a solid basis to start with Tribal Style Belly dance.


I am one of the first Instructors in Tribal Style Dance in Germany, travelling all over Europe and around the world.


I hosted several well known Instructors and Dancers from Tribal Style Belly Dance Art.


At Tribal Quest in Portland and Tribalfest in Sebastopol I performed and taught as the first German Tribal Dancer with some of my troupe members.


I am certified teacher from FCBD® and Sister Studio. I also have the Certifikation in SGI format from Kajira Djoumahna from Black Sheep Belly Dance.


In 2015 I formed a new troupe, called Sharineas tribes, they all are based in my own dance format Neas Fundamentals.


Also in 2015 I build UNIQUA together with Fara la Sombra from Daphnees Clan and Nicole from Shir o Shakar.


So all in all I believe that I will never stop dancing because I love to share my dance with others and the fun resulting of it.



Elizabeth, affectionately referred to as “Super Beth”, is director of Tamarind Tribal BellyDance and owner of Tamarind Studio in Milwaukee, WI. 

Super Beth started her bellydance career taking classes in 2005 from Jennifer Nolan when Jen was in Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance Troupe, Barika Bellydance and transitioned to ATS® in 2006. 


In 2008, Super Beth became a Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio. In addition to her ATS® training, she’s received additional instruction with Carolena Nericcio and Megha Devyani, Devi Mamak, Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil, and Zoe Jakes. In April of 2016, she was awared with Zoe Jake’s DanceCraft® Key of Diamonds Certification.


In addition to her bellydance experience, Super Beth has received training as a ballet dancer, tap, and contemporary dance and is Mat Pilates® and Total Barre® certified.


Super Beth has taught and performed extensively both domestically and internationally. Her moves were among those accepted in the Fat Chance Belly Dance® Volume 9 – Anatomy of a Step DVD and is a featured dancer in Tamarind segment.


In addition, Super Beth collaborated with Terri Allred and Dawn Ruckert on the ATS® with Props – Veil, Fan, and Basket DVD.

She always has something in the work!



Devi Mamak is troupe member and artistic director of the award winning Ghawazi Caravan, based in the Blue Mountains, NSW, since 2000. She is considered one of Australia’s premier Tribal Bellydance and American Tribal Style (ATS)® dancers, teachers and choreographers, having trained many of the top dancers in the genre. Devi has earned a reputation as a patient and thorough teacher. As a performer she is renowned for her strong stage presence and innovative, colourful choreographies.

Highly sought after as a teacher and performer, Devi regularly teaches around Australia and NZ, Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.

Devi has also studied a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles herself for well over a decade as well as Flamenco, Classical Indian and Ballet. Devi has travelled to San Francisco several times to study with the masters of Tribal Bellydance and has dedicated herself to ATS® since 1999. U.S.A teachers include FCBD®, Gypsy Caravan, Jill Parker, as well as ‘Bellydance Superstars’, Rachel Brice and Kaeshi Chai.

Devi has also attended workshops and/or classes with Karen Gehrman, Jessie Gauld, Colette Hunter, Megha Gavin, Suhalia Salimpour, Kajira Djoumahna, Tribal Feat, Rachel Lazurus Soto, Paulette Rees Denis. Classes/workshops with local teachers include Jrisi Jusakos, Terezka Drinzik, Ruth Brent, Sarah Hamilton, Susan Brown, Diane Dupont, Mel Rogers, Gintarus, Belyssa and of course her first teacher, Kaiya Seaton.

Devi has also completed two teacher development courses with renowned Australian dancers, Belyssa and Terezka.

Devi is the first person in Australia to be accepted into Carolena Nericcio’s intensive Teacher Training Course. Devi has now received her teaching accreditation in the highly regarded Fat Chance Belly Dance (FCBD)® format, with several of Ghawazi Caravan movements being accepted into the format, featured, as are Ghawazi Caravan, on DVD Volume 9: Anatomy of a Step. Devi has been invited to perform and co-teach the General Skills test with Carolena both in Australia and Taiwan.

She has also collaborated with well known dancers such as Deb Rubin and was invited to be part of Belly dance Evolution by Director Jillina Carlando where she got the opportunity to work alongside Jillina, Kaeshi Chai, Sharon Kiharaand other great artists.

Devi regularly performs at functions ranging from community events, festivals, as well as private and corporate functions. Devi has been invited to be a part of major funded productions such as Unmasked and The Firebird where she had the opportunity to work collaboratively with dancers and musicians of various styles including Mory Trarore, Emily Cooper, Colin Berryman, Pandit Ramchandra Suman, John May, Miriam Leiberman, Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and Keith Kempis.

Other artistis Devi has worked with include Jrisi Jusakos, Karen Gehrman, Tarek Sawires, Andy Bussutil, Skorba, Sekhyl and Hyde, Solace, Jeff Rees, Bobbi Singh, Al Maha, Karen Wray, Lester Iyves, Waiting for Guiness, Paulette Rees Denis, Belyssa Radzivanas, Achusla, Amera Eid and Hilary Cinis.

In 2009, Devi and Ghawazi Caravan received funding from The Cultural Partnerships program to produce Intertwine which was a uniquely diverse show which drew together dancers, musicians and artists of varied disciplines and styles, braiding their talents together into a compelling and cohesive whole, intertwining cultural traditions and an ebullient creative spirit, presenting the result in a theatre style environment. Intertwine was a huge success which included 3 sell out shows. The latest installment of Intertwine was picked up by the Sydney Fringe Festival for September 2010.

Devi holds weekly classes in ATS for all levels and ages in the Blue Mountains and is regularly invited to teach workshops interstate and internationally. She is  the Artistic Director of student troupes, Ghaziya and Ghawazi Girls.



Tänzer, Model, Performer, Lehrer, Elfen Prinzessin....

Das ist das Wunderland von Sway E'fey.

Ihre Reise begann in der Wissenschaft als PhD der kognitiven Neurowissenschaften .


Von diesem beeindruckenden Reich des Geistes und Verhalten, reiste sie durch den Spiegel, um eine Tänzerin zwischen den Welten zu werden und um Märchen zu erzählen.


Ihr Stil kann beschrieben werden als theatrical, zeitgenössisch, romantisch. Ihre Arbeiten sind dazu gedacht den Betrachter in eine Geschichte zu ziehen, in der er sich wundert und staunt.

Dafür bedient sie sich aus dem Reportoir von Tribal Fusion zu Klassisch Orientalisch, Bollywood, Modern Dance und Tanztheater.


Am liebsten tanzt sie mit anderen und ist in verschiedenen Gruppen und Projekten (Shahrazads Salomons Töchter, Apsara Habibas Bella Donna, Tribalstamm E'fey, Tanztheater Dr. Gamal Saif, Trio Arabesque, Ambrosia Tribal, Tribal Collective, Soul Collective) aber auch Solo ( Tribal Praque CZ, Tribal Fest Budapest HU, Tribal Massive US, Infusion Emporium GB) weltweit unterwegs.




Cristina Zegarra ist eine Tribal Fusion Tänzerin und Dozentin aus Krefeld. Im Jahr 2008 entdeckte sie Ihre Liebe zum Tanz, nachdem sie Tribal Fusion das erste Mal auf der Bühne sah.

Seitdem steckt sie all ihre Leidenschaft in diese Tanzform.


Tanz ist für Cristina ein Weg sich künstlerisch auszudrücken, zu kommunizieren, sich und andere zu bewegen, und sich selbst in Einklang zu bringen. Sie möchte in ihrem Tanz eine präzise Technik und das „sich im Moment und der Musik fallenlassen“ vereinen.

Mit Cristina verbindet man ausdrucksstarke und gefühlvolle Performances mit einem besonderen Augenmerk auf die Armtechnik.


Cristina liebt es nicht nur als Solistin zu tanzen, sondern auch das Erlernte und ihre Erfahrungen an ihre Schüler weiterzugeben. Sie unterrichtet wöchentliche Kurse in Duisburg und in Krefeld und leitet die daraus entsandene Gruppe Coaldust.

Cristina hatte bereits auf Festivals in Deutchland, Österreich und Frankreich die Möglichkeit, ihr Wissen in Workshops weiterzugeben.


Die Arbeit mit befreundeten Tänzern und in gemeinsamen Projekten liegen Cristina ebenfalls besonders am Herzen, wie zum Beispiel das Trio Soul Collective, das ITS-Format nach Unmata und Ihre Auftrittsgruppe Coaldust.



Lisa Müller-Albrecht wurde in Deutschland geboren. Sie erhielt bereits als Kind Musik- und Tanzunterricht und sammelte erste Bühnenerfahrungen.


2005 kam Lisa in die Schweiz, wo sie weiterhin regelmässigen Unterricht in orientalischem Tanz erhielt und an Workshops bei namhaften Lehrern teilnahm.


2009 bis 2010 absolvierte sie ihre Ausbildung im Fach Tribal Fusion, den „Taksim Tribal Certification Course TTCC“ mit Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Heather Stants und Moria Chappell als Lehrerinnen. Auch Samantha Emanuel zählt zu den Lehrerinnen, die Lisa am stärksten beeinflussten. 2012 erlangte Lisa die American Tribal Style ATS®-General Skills bei Carolena Nericcio und Megha Gavin.


Lisa Müller-Albrechts Stil ist elegant und ausdrucksstark und geprägt von ihren Erfahrungen im klassischen Tanz und Modern Dance.


Lisa Müller-Albrecht ist bei zahlreichen kulturellen Veranstaltungen, Shows und Festivals als Tänzerin und Workshopdozentin zu Gast gewesen.


Im Februar 2016 war Lisa Gasttänzerin beim Projekt „Urban Jungle“ unter der künstlerischen Leitung von Anasma in Zürich.


Neben ihrer Tätigkeit im ZEOT Zürich unterrichtete sie zwischen 2011 und 2016 Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Cham und orientalischen Tanz in Schwyz. Unterrichtssprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch.


Lisa leitet die Tanzcompagnie „Con-Fusion“ und hat Tanzshows mit Tänzerinnen aus der ganzen Schweiz organisiert.


Seit Mai 2016 lebt Lisa Müller-Albrecht in Deutschland.