20 HOURS ATS®!!!

Limited to 30 participants only!

Donnerstag, 27. September - Sonntag, 30. September 2018

Thursday, September 27 - Sunday, September 30, 2018


Very familiar with Vol. 1-4


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Day One (Thursday) 

11 - 1 pm

2 - 6 pm



Yoga and Prana for ATS® - Learn how to improve your dance with yoga! In this workshop you will learn how to use yoga asanas (postures) to enhance your ATS® practice and performance. You will discover how find your “edge” in each posture and how you can translate that into your dance to get the most out of every movement.

We do not often think about our breathing patterns as we dance. Our prana, or life force energy, can be controlled to create a more powerful, energetic performance while also keeping us calm and increasing our stamina. We’ll learn the physical and mental aspects of prana and most importantly, the positive impact it can have on our ATS® practice and performance.


Picky Fundamentals – Spend the afternoon utilizing all you learned in the morning and applying them to the foundational moves of ATS®. We’ll break down picky technique, drills and variations Taxeem, Circle step, Egyptian, Pivot bump and Choo Choo


Day Two (Friday) 

10 - 12

1 - 4 pm


Upper Body

From the Heart - So much of what makes ATS® stunning is the isolation and uplifted ribcage in our dance. In this workshop you will gain a deeper understanding behind the body mechanics and technique in our torso movements. Learn how to safely and effectively increase your range of motion and control for deeper torso movements including slow turns, rotations, undulations, laybacks and more. We’ll also discuss the emotional aspects behind many of these movements and why they conjure certain feelings and passion in our dance.


Chest Lift and Undulation – Technique and Drills in the Arabic Family steps, including: Basic Arabic; Arabic Hip Twist + Variations; Arabic Drop Drop Drop; Arabic Double Spin; Arabic Shimmy with Arms and Turns (ASWAAT)


Duets - Duets can be magical. There is so much beauty in creating connection with your partner and using slow movements to elegantly pass each other. There’s also an intense power in quick changes and fast duet combinations! We’ll spend the last part of the day working on duet passing and combinations using the upper body techniques we learned that day.


Day Three (Saturday)  

10 - 12

1 - 4 pm


Lower Body

Shape up your Shimmies - A beautiful shimmy relies on contrasting elements throughout the body. Knowing which muscles to control and release throughout the lower body and how to make the move look big and bouncy, but remain isolated from the torso is key to a fabulous shimmy. We’ll review the anatomy behind what drives the shimmy and how to get the most out of your movement while maintaining the isolation for layering that makes this move so magical. Class will begin with a short anatomy lecture followed by a hip healthy warmup that prepares us for a variety of exciting and challenging shimmy drills using our favorite classic and modern ATS® movements.


Bump it up- All About the Bump Family - Technique and drill ATS® bump moves, including: Double Bump/Single Bump/Single Bump with 1/2 turn; Alt Hips with Level; Chico Step; Roundhouse; Box Step; Arc Arms + Combo; Reshamka to Spin


Trios – Fades, diagonals and shell game combinations! There’s so much we can do with trio formations. We’ll look at getting fancy with fades and review shell game combinations


Day Four (Sunday)

10 - 12

1 - 3 pm



Dramatic Performances

Quartets and Dueling Duets - The dueling duet formation is full of variety and complexity. Learn the ins and out in this workshop, including: how to get in and get out of the dueling duet; the positions and relationships between the Dancers; which moves to select in dueling duet; and the latest knowledge on Rush Hour in dueling duet.


Dynamic Entrance to Thunderous Applause - Learning the vocabulary and proper technique for ATS® are just the first steps to creating a solid, energetic and dramatic performance. In this workshop, you will learn essential elements that make ATS® performance vibrant and sensational for both the dancers and the audience, from entrance to thunderous applause! This workshop is designed for all level ATS® dancers.